Friday, November 21, 2008


I feel conflicted about the new Terminator film. Like a chocolate-coated turd, it all looks pretty till you take a bite. I like Christian Bale in his post apocalyptic ventures (yes I was one of eleven people who liked Reign of Fire) and I know he is more than capable of being believable while screaming at a cgi robot in a raspy voice. The main thing that bugs me is that it clings a little too much to the past in terms of design. It’s time for a refresh of the brand, a reboot if you must, so that the story will feel new and exciting again. New slick terminators, nano bots, transformers, I’m up for anything, just not another metallic skeleton with red eyes. And hey, I would even like to see a little more ending this time around. I know, weird, but if I have to sit through a long worded To Be Continued montage again I will be extremely unpleased. It’s getting a little tiring to see no finality in series (especially the TV series) where it seems to repeat itself on a constant basis (new terminator, fight terminator, find person or tech that started this whole mess, repeat). The only good thing I have heard is that Arnold hates the new cut, which inspires hope. It’s like a colorblind man reviewing a Santa Claus film and commenting how they got the color all wrong.

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