Saturday, November 15, 2008

Transformers 2 Concept Art: Enter Nascon

Since the movie industry is hard hit for money because of all those youtube 30 second clips of movies, which are bankrupting the poor lil movie industry, I thought man what could make this movie a success before it even hits theaters? Then I got it, NasCon! Equipped with over 300 logos NasCon can make around 700 million dollars alone! He's a Nascar (100 mill. right there) robot with an attitude. There is a catch though, he has to be in every screen, even the previews and credits. Aaaand, get this, his language device got scrambled and he can only say tag lines from his various stickers. Imagine him beating up Megatron while screaming "I'M LOVIN' IT!" or "THIS IS CNN!"

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