Monday, November 10, 2008

Switching gears.

I am really getting sick of games that have no clue what they are. I guess playing Resistance 2 has reminded my of what a game should be like in that it sticks to what it does best. But still there are games, which feel the need to throw in gimmicky stages that remove you from the sense of adventure and throw in a button specific DDR action sequence that makes you really annoyed (I'm lookin at you Force Unleashed). It's this crap that I hate and it's this crap that usually ends a game for me being that a) I hate mini games and b) I have the reflexes of a stump, so don't switch it up a bit and have me hold a flashlight on a group of killer bat-things or escort a moronic ai character, I just wanna blow crap up. Simple right? Now this is the last time I want to tell you this.

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