Monday, February 27, 2012

My new cut for my new gang, the Data Hogs!

AT&T has seen fit to cripple my download speeds for the fourth month in a row as I seemingly fall into a new gang of outlaws, the Data Hogs. The top 5% of cell phone unlimited data users have been targeted for, you know...actually using their phones. To celebrate my glutinous ways I have made a skin for my phone to show the world that I unabashedly am a 5%er through which I stream my Gangland and Anarchy exceeding with pleasure my 2gb allotment.

Coming back...surely but slowly.

It's been a bit of a downward slide productively this past year as my son has slowly converted my brain into a gelatinous mass of sleep-deprived brain cells, buoyant in a cacophony of cries and children's songs. Honestly, the only thought of picking up a pencil was followed by a clobering impulse to stab it into my brain to form a makeshift lobotomy, but then I feared I would simply miss and puncture the segment which controlled my bowels which would only add to the staggering amount of diapers needing refreshing. But enough whining, onto the 80's music scored comeback montage, I've lost 33 pounds and counting, regained my illustrious seven hours of sleep and bought a new computer to replace my downed warriors whose lives were shortened by a faulty ssd (Dell sucks) and a bad motherboard.

Words make me tire, me go drawer know! zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzZZZZzzz