Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Captain V: The animated series!

I missed the old days of videogame animated commercials and thought it best to reinvent the wheel with Captain Valve.  So just in case Valve ever does in fact create their own video game console I prepared a quick idea for their own show.  Plus production costs would be low since half of the characters never speak!

"Everyday gamer Evan Roberts was playing a stirring game of Half-Life 3 TM on his new Valve Entertainment System TM when suddenly a portal opened and he was transported into a new dimension of his favorite characters.  Now he must do battle against the evil Mother GLaDOS as she attempts to take over Valveland by opening valves and unleashing the worst of the worst from different game worlds!  Join his adventures Saturdays at 6:30 PM PST! CC Provided"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Portal Portraits

This just isn't fair Valve, just as I was trying to get productive again you have to dlc your way back into my heart.  So for you, you sick lab-rat-testing-jerks I give you a quick update, my take on the silhouette portraits, but with chell.  Now back to the testing...

And A Movie

Six seasons?  All I want is the movie!  

"When Evil Abed (Emmy winner Danny Pudi) realizes that the alternate timelines are colliding with each other he knows what he must do, fix the time continuum.  Together with the Greendale Six he must find the hidden ultimate script and mend the gapping potholes before time runs out forever, but when he finds that to save the timelines he must destroy his very own he must choose, save his world or destroy all others.  Will his evil side rule or will his unlikely conscience (voiced by Golden Raspberry nominated Chevy Chase) win out?

Runtime 92 minutes."