Friday, May 18, 2012

And A Movie

Six seasons?  All I want is the movie!  

"When Evil Abed (Emmy winner Danny Pudi) realizes that the alternate timelines are colliding with each other he knows what he must do, fix the time continuum.  Together with the Greendale Six he must find the hidden ultimate script and mend the gapping potholes before time runs out forever, but when he finds that to save the timelines he must destroy his very own he must choose, save his world or destroy all others.  Will his evil side rule or will his unlikely conscience (voiced by Golden Raspberry nominated Chevy Chase) win out?

Runtime 92 minutes."

1 comment:

Helock Comics Co. said...

Hah.. that's great.
I love Community, and hate to see it getting the runaround with their crazy scheduling.

Cool stuff you've done here.

- Jamie