Sunday, November 9, 2008


I ofter wonder what would happen if game companies would put the truth on their box covers to let people know what they are getting themselves into. Now I have the chance. I've been playing a lot of Resistance 2 and I have never played a game that was so equally awesome as it was annoying.

Gameplay: Playing Resistance 2 is like so: fight, cheap death, learn to avoid cheap death, repeat every minute. This game is cheap to no end, they have sat around and discussed the various ways to kill you in this game and with each death you sit stunned that this passed the game testers. The atmosphere of the game goes from scary to annoying relatively fast. It should be noted that I have managed to freeze the game twice.

Design: It was the series' WWII era style that I loved about the first one; a strange juxtaposition of history and sci fi and the enemies were fun enough. Now it seems the developers played too much Halo and Half Life 2 during their break, because this time around it feels like their ugly lovechild full of iconic references to each. The enemies are lifted from Halo and the design is par for Half Life 2 leaving the first game's individualism in the corner to make way for cloaked elites, brutes, sentinels, Gravemind and zombie headcrabs. Hopefully next time the designers will veer back on the WWII track.

Graphics: The graphics are amazing for the most part except for a few strange oddities like twitching objects or a texture map areal view that looks like a blurry google earth pic with the photoshop sandstone texturizer effect.

The Weapons: The weapons are really fun when said weapons aren't the Bullseye or the Carbine which you will be forced to use 98% of the time, you'll likely spend a magazine trying to kill one enemy. And if you hate the flood from Halo, you sir are in for a trip through flood hell. And there is nothing like bugs, so far I've been frozen twice and had to restart the machine. The Magnum is the most satisfying weapon ever in a game for me, the HL2 saw blade launcher comes in 2nd.

Conclusion: As much as this game smacks me around like an abused puppy sending me into fits of rage, I keep coming back for more. It is a fun game that is worthy of any player's attention and co-op online play is fantastic and is the only way it should be played since the single player run through is an exercise in patience and sadomasochism.

Thumbs *crap I died*
Thumbs up.

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