Saturday, July 24, 2010

Samurai Punisher

I've always been a fan of 90's ninja-exploitation in comics and thought I'd give it my own shot.

Norio was a samurai of honest and pure intentions fending his village from the blight of the Dragon's Tail ninjas who sought control of his beloved town. Through countless nights he fought and returned to his loving wife and child until the indelible blade of fate struck down his family and village while he was on patrol. The shogun offered no vengeance and denied any such attempt to which Norio was submissive until he unearthed the shogun's true motives. Norio's own friends and samurais had committed the slayings under the shogun's orders, his plan was to merge with the Tail and form his own clan, the Dragon's Head. When it was discovered that Norio had learned the truth he was marked for death. Now Norio must do battle with his own clan and the dreaded ninja clan to reclaim his honor and rewrite history with the brush of the blade.

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Eric said...

This comic book MUST HAPPEN!!!