Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Captain Redesign

I saw a post at Super Punch for a Captain America Redesign on the Internet which was created by Kevin Bacon.

I wanted to revise the suit but keep the basic cap feel, just add a bit more like it evilved from a WWII soldier's uniform including a helmet that has a built in computer for targeting and lots of flashy cg menus in the mirrored visor, much like Iron Man's helmet. I took a captain's bars and reformed them a bit to look more like an "A" and redid the star logo to incorporate the eagle and flag. Then I put him on a bike (not pictured) and added lens flare all around him like Michael Bay on speed.

1 comment:

AJS said...

Love your work, dasChupa. Keep up the good stuff! I love checkin' your blog.

Love the Cap suit. I think it's better than the "modernized" version I've seen around the net.