Monday, July 12, 2010

The real phantom menace

Or should that be the real Phantom Limb? Anyhoo, I never liked the fact that Luke got his hand replaced, especially when what it was replaced with was arguably better than the original. Seriously, if I could replace my body parts with a better non-aging part then all I'd have left is a head. It removes the consequence of losing a limb and nullifies the power that the battle scene held. If it were up to me I would have had him overcome the disability, gradually where his hand used to be would be replaced by a hand made of pure force.

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Spider42 said...

hey, dont know if you are a professional artist or not, if not you should be.

just came across your blog by chance when I came across one of your pieces and followed it here. Really very nice work on all the ones Ive seen so far and you have a great sense you humour.

Hope to see more in the days to come, Ive linked your blog on mine (though I cant "follow" it cos you seem to not have that feature enabled) but if you would rather I didnt, let me know.