Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Star Power!

Man this week has been crazy. Christmas put new miles on my car and a few pounds in my stomach. That and I finally got my laptop back up again, I installed windows 7 on it and subsequently broke every driver and given my recent addiction to Mario on the Wii I have had little time or motivation to fix it. Meanwhile I had to kick it with some odd mediums...and then eat them. God bless the bag o' Starbursts!

I did have the chance of seeing Avatar in 3d which was cool except for the plot. That and the fact that the whole movie would have been better if it were entirely cg (a la Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, another beautiful movie with a terrible plot), the live action and cg mix was an awkward juxtaposition. Other than that it was entertaining. I still don't get how they had so many feathers and not one feathery bird nor how the arrows seemed to gain in their penetration from the time they bounced off a windshield and then ten minutes later pierced it like it was made of plastic wrap. Sherlock Holmes was amazing though if only for the fact that I expected to hate it and came away with an English accent and a need for a pipe.

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ASchap said...

That's awesome! xD haha Very creative!