Monday, December 7, 2009

The Little Marmaid poster

An entry for the Sci Fi (or is it syfy now?) Fairy Tale Contest o'er there at Super Punch. This one is an update of Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid (along with a bit of the Disney version.) Here's my synopsis which I derived after drawing it and watching too many DVR'd Twilight Zone episodes and a Phineas and Ferb marathon.

*Queue deep raspy voice* In a world where the earth has outgrown its resources, mankind has been forced to travel to Mars to make it its new home and a teraforming team is sent to establish a new colony dedicated to making mars a habitable environment. One day the earth President's son begins a small trek to the Noachian epoch to research possible water deposits underneath the surface only to find himself gasping for consciousness when he accidentally crashed through the surface into an untapped natural water channel and begins to be unmercifully dragged by torrential currents through the tunnels.

Aegle was princess of the martian marmaids, an mythical underwater species surviving in the glacial undercurrents of mars' undiscovered submerged caverns. She was destined to live a life of obscurity under the martian soil until she saw a peculiar unconscious creature discarded by the currents into an underwater eddy. Unlike any creature she had seen she knew it was in danger and braved the currents to his place of origins, depositing him on the dry land from whence he came where his Digital Obedient Guardian brought him back to his colony to search for the one who saved him.

Indelibly changed by the incident, Aegle wishes to become a human as well. Aided by the witch queen she must now must choose to gamble with her very life in exchange for a chance to be something extraordinary.

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Helen said...

Ooo I really like this idea. The poster is super neat!