Friday, December 26, 2008

Painting happy trees.

I am impatient. This fact should be well known to any who have spent three minutes in a car with me or witnessed me attempting to open a plastic container blister package of my latest gadget; some have witnessed both, at the same time. So if it takes longer than an hour to complete a drawing, I get antsy and usually save the project to some folder where it will rot in binary forever and go play Team Fortress. Today, a miracle happened, I spent 2 hours making this! Much thanks to Rambo 2 on Starz for keeping me entertained.

Anyhoo, this is a concept piece for a comic I'm working on con mi amigo (Spanish 1, look where ya got me). The character is a lead villain, a cannibal in the post apocolyptic future. This is a rare time in which I even try to paint, I've only done 6 so far, but something that I wish to puruse and get faster (and bopefully better) at.

Merry Christmas all...hmmm, shoulda drawn something more fitting.

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