Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Based on a true story. Today I went into an Apple store to dress my 1st gen touch in some new clothes. An amazing spectrum awaited me of various space age technologies fit to protect my poor lil guy from the atrocities which occur in my pockets. Much to my horror, each case was for the new slimmer version. I pulled a local rep to my aid and asked him if any fit the 1st gen Touch, which produced an awkward 10 seconds as I motioned with my hands to form a 1st gen model comprised of air and he formed half words before he abandoned them in frustration. Finally I unsheathed my friend from his denim cage (my Ipod); in the pit of my stomach I felt shame like I had pulled out an Apple Newton. Silence was all he could muster as he regrouped for his exodus, he blurted in disgust "umm, you might check the racks". Smiling, I imagined his head as a spinning pinwheel and returned to my hunt. I eventually found one in the back of the rack behind some of the new cases, beat up and abused like an Atari 2600 game long forgotten by time. Check out the full comic here.

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