Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I would forget my head...

Based on actual events. I made it through the entire sewers, broke past the sentries, killed all spies and before me laid a herd of enemies unaware of the binary doom that was cast upon them. My medic hit the Uber and the Invulnerability clock started, I had 10 seconds or so of complete invincibility to lay waste to the entire offense and make way for our troops to get in and secure the briefcase which we lusted for. I fired off a rocket which missed, hitting the wall behind them sounding the OH CRAP alarms sending them scattering for cover like frightened gazel from the lion. The crosshairs set on a still unaware engineer working on his sentry, I pressed fire only to realize that my rocket launcher was out of ammo. 8 seconds of innefective shotgun blast later and my body supplied a recoat of red for their walls. Remember kids; rocket, reload, refill, repeat.
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