Friday, April 1, 2011

In Russia movie watches you!

This is my entry for Super Punch's X-men First Class poster redesign contest (since the US X-men posters look like a MS Publisher template) and since the only good trailer is a Russian one. Rather than make a good I decided to go in the opposite direction and do something terrible, a hand painted Russian movie poster like this one below.

Ever since seeing this article on them I have always wanted to do one. So, I sat down and created the most butt ugly and inaccurate poster as possible. This actually hurt me to draw, I winced about 70% of the time.


DMNM said...

Hello from Russian comrade :D
There are two typos here:
first is russian translation of the word "first" - the last letter in here must look like this:

Second error is the first letter of last word - it must be rounded like this:
otherwise it reads like "z" instead of "[ae]"

But since it's trash-poster this makes it much more trashy :D

das chupa said...

Haha, thanks for the corrections. I tried copying directly from the movie trailer, but there are so many nuances to the language that I figure a correct copy was a doomed proposition.