Saturday, November 27, 2010

Angry Birds: Thanksgiving edition

Between Thanksgiving food overload, Black Friday and a Call of Duty chaser I haven't drawn much so I felt it fitting to do a piece for the art jumble "turkey" theme. I was really hoping that there would be an Angry Birds Thanksgiving edition, maybe with a turkey that bounces or one that can float for a little while then smash on the building below.

Anyhoo, Happy Thanksgiving weekend!


Grand Noble said...

Happy holidays. Love your blog.

Unknown said...

I agree! Hey, I noticed that your profile says you reside in San Bernardino. That isn't too far from me. I run, which is a pretty popular fan site for Angry Birds. I'd be stoked to share some of your stuff.

Unknown said...

Dang, sorry for the second comment. Feel free to contact me at!