Monday, October 4, 2010

I hate The Clone Wars

I hate Star Wars: The Clone Wars. No, not the animated shorts; the CG show about the triumphs of pre-Vadar and his militant traitor master. Ya know, Vadar who led an assault on the Jedi and Rebel forces killing millions where he personally murdered a handful of children before most likely killing (or attempting to kill) his partner Ahsoka. Then you have the clone troopers who are the equivalent of SS soldiers and yet I am supposed to graft empathy to the hide of this demonic army? Then you have Yoda who is like Winston Churchill and even he's not likable, he just lets it all unfold like a dimwitted Muppet! Finally you have Emperor Palpatine who I just want to see die in every scene. So I pretty much just watch the show hoping one of the main cast will die and they will fail every mission, but they don't! They don't die! Ever!

So this is just me venting my frustration of the fact that I am watching the equivalent the adventures young Hitler and his Jewish sidekick...I hate this show.


John said...

You left out: the episodes are insanely boring and serve little purpose other than introducing new action figures.

Zao_89 said...

I have trouble seeing why we need two animated series and an animated movie, all based on one particular part of the entire SW timeline.