Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rants and Raves

I went to 8 different comic stores Monday including Meltdown Comics, Golden Apple and House of Secrets and after hours of reflection and penny pinching consideration only came away with two books. After reading them I have noticed a trend that I absolutely hate, over contrasted lines turned into jagged messes.

The first is Sinister Spider-Man #1 which I picked up after seeing the terrific inks from a superpunch entry. I love Bachalo's art, especially the short lived Steampunk series. So it is deeply depressing when I see this:
I mean it looks like a photocopier blew up his original inks by 400% and shot the hell out if with contrast, my scanner actually improved it by adding a bit of blur. The issue is littered with these snippets that just make his art look like jagged crap. Otherwise though, the book is amazing, the guy is a master of his style. Steampunk forevah!

Next up Is Deadpool Team-Up which admittedly I only bought for the cover by Ramos which just makes wish that he would do his own Deadpool comic. Anyhoo, enough with the fanboy drooling, after opening the book I found Chris Staggs art that looked like it was inked in MS Paint.
Again the scans make it look way better than it actually is, but just check out the enlarged version. The sword looks like it was ported from the NES!

I have no idea what it happened in the only two books I picked up but geeza it is fugly. It reminds me of when I started with Photoshop 5.0 and started to ink my art, I didn't know about layers so I would paint on the original layer and watch in wretched horror as the lines jaggified in anti-antialiased fits of coloring. /rant

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