Thursday, April 2, 2009

Too soon...

I have a dilemma here, on the one hand I want desperately to sate my appetite for the new Wolverine movie and watch the leaked version making its way around the torrent sites as we speak. However, discovering that it is an unfinished workbench copy has thrown a wrench in said dreams. I now have to decide whether seeing an inferior version of the film is worth saving myself a month of gut wrenching agony as I search for every scrap of trailers and interviews until that fateful day arrives that I can enjoy the splendor of a 40 foot celluloid Deadpool. I couldn't care less about the studios, they will get my ticket stub and blu ray purchase regardless. It is however my respect for the people who worked hard on the film to see it the way it was intended, CG explosions and all. Finger poised over virtual button, my pointer moves slowly away; mental note, I need to get some antacids. Click here to see the whole comic.

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